Hana Code Insert WordPress Plugin

10/4/2009: Please visit the new home for the Hana Code Insert and Hana Code Insert Forum.
V.2.0 (7/20/2009) : PHP evaluation settings can be set within the option page. Editor Helper Dialog button is added for easier insert. If you are upgrading , you should enable the PHP execution option from the option page if you were using PHP eval function previously.

V.1.5 (1/16/2009) : There was issue with the form and textarea tag . It is fixed now. Also, there is a ‘Remove All’ button now that you can remove all code entries if you have any issue.

Inserting some javascript or Html codes in the middle of an article is not an easy task. It’s hard to copy and paste bunch of codes into the article whenever you write an article. Sometimes, the code breaks and doesn’t work as intended because WordPress encodes HTML entities.

So I decided to come up with the plugin that will help me insert that AdSense or Paypal Donation code into the middle of article.

V2.0 : New features to insert quick tags easily while posting a blog.




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Hana Flv Player WordPress Plugin

9/17/2009: Please visit the new home for the Hana Flv Player and Hana Flv Player Plugin Forum.
As part of ongoing personal project for creating and embedding Flash Video in my WordPress, I have decided to create a WordPress plugin to help me writing embed tags inside the articles. If you are interested on my previous quests, check out below links.

Change Log

  • V 2.0 (7/23/2009) :
    1. For easier Hana Flv Video tag creation, new popup dialog is added. You can directly define the values using the form and click OK to create the tag. Please see the screenshot 4 for the example. The buttons in the editor will only appear for WP v2.5+


  • v 1.8 (7/21/2009) :
    1. Fixed Minor bug with FlowPlayer v2 . It was not properly showing under IE7.
    2. FlowPlayer v3.1.1 player is added. Originally intended to upgrade the old version, but decided to leave old version due to some minor differences.
  • v 1.7: Adding additional attributes for the players more advanced options. Also added a method to show FLV movie within the theme template files (such as sidebar.php)
  • v 1.5: Adding FLV Player Maxi
  • v 1.1: Lots of debuging.
  • v 1.0: Initial Release with OS FLV (GPL) , FlowPlayer (GPL) flv players

Now you can easily embed the FLV Flash videos in your WordPress Blog. I have packaged the two GPL FLV Flash player, OS FLV and FlowPlayer. So you can use them freely without worries even for the commercial purpose unlike the JW player – If you have AdSense or display ads showing , you should purchase the player according to its website.


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