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Hello, Thank you for visiting my blog. I am Hana & Sarah’s daddy and at first, I started this website to blog about my babies, but now I write more about Freewares.

There are many free software out there and they can be wonderful tools that can make up the missing parts of the default Windows XP or Vista. But the problem is that they are scattered through out the Internet and hard to find the gems. I would like to gather those gems and present in my blog so we all can enjoy the great freedom together!

If you would like to contact me, please use below form. Your email address will be used only for replying.

Thank you !


Sorry, I just removed the contact form since I am starting to get SPAM mail.

You can still use below comment form. 🙂

28 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi,

    I’m contacting you regarding your UPS calculator:

    I’ve integrated it into a store that I put up, but the calculations are coming out about 5$ behind what the calculator comes out to. You can test this yourself with any 2 zip codes. Can you please tell me what’s wrong and how to go about fixing it?

    Thank you very much =)


  2. Just to say your blog is appreciated and you have just earned another subscriber. Good work girls.
    Been coming across your blog when I search for things, and so i decided its bout time i subscribed!

    Have a look at my blog if you want, have a few posts you might like, although chances are you already know of all the software on there.


  3. Hi,

    I am impressed with your Ajax Stock Quote and I wonder whether you will make it available for download? Good work!

  4. Hello,

    Thank you for your very useful “Hana Flv Player” WordPress plugin. I use version 1.7.1 on my blog at and I am very happy with it; I have just made a small donation.

    I have noticed that the output is not completely XHTML compliant so I have made two small changes:

    1. In line 181, the “&” is not escaped; I have added “amp;”.

    2. In line 185, the id=’monFlash’ is used twice if the posting contains more than one video; I have removed the id.

    Thanks again and best regards,


  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the plugin! Is there a way I could get subtitles to show on the players, ideally, by toggling them off or on? I’d like to use it to learn languages.


  6. hi,
    i have a question about hana flv player.
    could i configure the volume control at 100%?
    the volume control is auto-configure at 80%.


  7. Diego , thank you for contacting me. This controlling volume is matter of players function availability issue. Previously , someone asked me about it too but I found that only Maxi supported volume control function. Comment Reply about Volume.

  8. Hi there, thank you for making such a cool plugin,

    i have one problem with it though,
    i have embedded a movie on the front page, but i cant position it in the center, if you see there is a large gap at the top, and a small one at the bottom of the embedded video, and im just wondering where i can edit this so there is equal spacing above and below the video.

    Thank you again

  9. You mean vertically positioning in the center? Acutally I noticed extra spaces created by extra javascript. I will need to look into it. If you want to center it horizonatally, just use <center> tag. By the way, the video splash image from your website really scared me for a moment.

  10. Hi,

    I just upgraded to the latest version of Hana FLV player plugin for WP. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the WP auto upgrade and I had to delete the pluging and reinstall it. Even more unfortunately, the videos and splash screens I’d uploaded all resided in the hana-flv plugin folder… so they got deleted too!

    Can the videos reside in a folder which is NOT in the plugin’s folder? I think I tried it once before and could not get it to work that way.


  11. Thanks. I put all the videos in their own folder and it works fine (and should avoid any future surprises!). I don’t know why it didn’t work before that way.

    Thanks again.

  12. Hello yara. There is no specific option to customize the message to show when Flash Player is not available. However, the ‘description’ attribute is used to show the description of the video. This will be shown when the_excerpt() is used. Also it is used within the SWF objects or javascripts, so search engines can read it. or anything that you want to show when Flash player is not available.

    description="Sarah is having fun in a merry-go-round"

  13. I have spent the whole day trying to get a flv file working on my website and after about 6 hours, i stumbled across your flv player. Thanks you soooo much



  14. hi ,

    I appreciate this player a lot ,

    but 3 players don’t work on Internet explorer 6 ,
    only osflv works with ie6 .

    can you please help me to make this work on ie6 as well .


  15. Hi krishnapal, that is strange. I have tested with IETester, but all the other players worked just fine. It appears that you are using special theme or other plugins interfering with the javascript. Please provide URL information for me to check.

  16. I like the Hana FLV player, but I have a small issue with it. It seems to only work with the basic editor with WP. I like using the FCKeditor (a LOT more options) and, for whatever reason, when I activate that plugin, Hana no longer works with it. When I deactivate it, Hana works great. I also tried other editors and the same thing happens. Does Hana only work with the default editor on WP?

  17. I am wondering how you change the canvas color? Or the surrounding color of the video…whatever that is called…!?

  18. Hi HanaDaddy,

    I’m not a skilled developer — I am trying to learn to use WordPress to set up a basic website.
    I have a question about the Hana FLV player, which I just activated. It’s working — thanks!
    One problem — not caused by your software, but I hope you can help: When I go to my (non-published) site to experiment with my videos, I see that RealPlayer adds a message, every time one of my videos is playing, that says: “Download this video”. Clicking on that message allows the visitor to download the video. Do you know of a way to prevent such a RealPlayer prompt? (Or any other suggestions to keep these videos as private as possible, within reason?)

    I realize that some people will figure out ways to download videos, but I don’t want to make it EASY. I’m trying to prepare basic educational videos for one-on-one tutorials, etc., and I’d rather not broadcast my videos to the world.


  19. Hi HanaDaddy

    I have installed your Hana Flv Player and find it very interesting – and nice. I reallly like your support for GA events! If you have time, please add support for tracking time sloths, making it possible to see how many watched the movie for 0-10 sec, 11-20 sec, 21-30 sec. …. and so on. That would be an awesome feature. (This request is not related to my next question)

    I have one question. I have a flv file on this page – I would like to hide the player (start, pause) – also when the visitor mouse over. Would that be possible?

  20. Hi, I’m contacting you to inform you about a problem of the Hana FLV player. The update you’ve made is not working with sliders and rolling menus for some themes of wordpress. For the moment I’m keeping the old version but maybe you can fix it I don’t know.
    Thanks for your great plug in.

  21. Hello, I had to come and leave a message for about your plug-in
    the HANNA FLV PLAYER…..IT ROCKS!!!! I have had some mp4s i have been wanting to put on my site. I was pulling my hair out for 2 days trying to find the player to get them to work…NOTHING WORKED…I stumbled onto your site by accident i installed the hanna flv player per your instructions worked perfectly on my first attempt on the install….just had to thank you for keeping me from pulling my hair out LOVE YOUR PLAYER AND IT WILL BE ALL OVER MY SITE!!!:)

  22. Hello, I’m a newbie to use WordPress and your FLV Player. I’m still working to build up my web site. Your player looks easy to handle and awesome. But, I have some problem issues for me. I ve done FLV setting for iphone with “no5. HTML5 + Flash” option as your recommendation. But, I can watch flv file format in the only IE browser, except Chrome. For Iphone, I switched file format to mp4, but nothing show up any browsers. The “x” mark showed up in the IE, and only the play control bar with black BG in the Chrome. However I can watch the movie in the Iphone at this time. Did I wrong something to use your player? or another prob?

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