Growing Fast

They are growing so fast.

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Sarah is born 8/27/2006 at 3:52 PM!

Hana and Hungry Sarah

The expected delivery date was 9/7/06. But suddenly my wife became little bit uncomfortable early in the morning of 8/27/06. We called up the doctor and she advised us to go to the hospital. We registered into the hospital around 10:30 AM.

It took around 12 hours of delivering our first child, Hana. But I was able to find some comfort since doctor advised that it usually takes much less effort to deliver a second child.

Fortunately , the doctor was correct and Sarah was born at 3:52 PM. The contaction and delivery only took about 6 hours and Mom and the baby are very healthy!
Thank God.

Sarah was little less then 7 pounds and smaller than Hana was. But looks just like Hana when she was born.

I am taking care of the mom and babies. And doing the house chores. They are tedious and harder than I thought. I appreciate my wife for having done these hard work for me for the last 4 years.

Honey, get well soon!

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