Quick: Windows Keyboard Shortcut

Shortcuts are good to know if you use computers a lot. Especially they help to reduce the mouse movement which is very important if you suffer from the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

I just read this article from Lifehacker and I found these shortcut really great! I never knew that there are shortcuts for these kind of everyday tasks. I love these shortcuts.

  • Win+R: shows Run dialog
  • Win+D: toggles Show Desktop
  • Win+E: starts Windows Explorer
  • Win+L: locks computer

If you use Firefox , below shortcut are useful too.

  • Ctrl + L : brings focus to the location bar.
  • Ctrl + K : brings focus to the search bar.

LifeHacker: Make Windows More Productive Without Installing a Thing

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After a month of using Track Ball

So time is really fast and already a month has passed since I started using Track Ball at work.

So what do I think about trackball?

It’s great and I love it. It took me about a week to get used with this thumb track ball. I do not have any pain in the wrist and the shoulder since I do not move my wrist and arm at all. But sometimes, I still have a little of pain on the index finger knuckle at the end of day. I guess I usually click too much and fast.

However, the regular mouse is maybe a little bit better in terms of pointing accuracy.

I also tried Kensington Expert mouse, but I do not recommend it because its ball is bigger and you will need to use index or middle finger to control the ball. I experienced pain in the wrist again so I returned it right away. I did try to use my thumb to control it but it was too awkward and difficult. According to some website review, they loved the Expert mouse, but it wasn’t for me. It was way too much expensive ($90) than the logitech mouse anyway.

There are other options out there if you looking for ergonomic mouse. But I think thumb track ball is the best if you suffer both wrist and shoulder pain.

Here is Amazon.com Link for Logitech Trackman Wheel Mouse and this is the cordless one.

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