Flash Tag Cloud

Flash Tag Cloud
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Now here is the FLASH in action. If you do not see anything below, your flash player is not version 9.

This is a test for the Flash Tag Cloud WordPress Plugin.

Basically, tags are randomly arranged and fly around in this flash when you move your move over it. It is a nice eye-candy. But you need to click on the flash to activate it when you view with the IE.

There is an option page in the admin interface that you can change the behavior of the flying text.

Plugin Website: http://meiclamo.net/wordpress/wordpress-plugin-flash-tag-cloud

Requirements are

  1. Flash 9 is required.
  2. You must be using UTW (Ultimate Tag Warrior Plugin) as tagging plugin.

Here is the captured image.
Flash Tag Cloud

2 thoughts on “Flash Tag Cloud

  1. The flash file “flash-tag-cloud.swf”‘s size is 381KB. If 100 people visits my site per day, that’s 30MB. I should delete and take down the flash Plugin soon. 😛

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