20 Tech Habits to Improve Your Life from PCWorld

I’ve been busy fighting war with the WASP. They made a nest inside of our bathroom wall. I am just worried that everyday one or two wasps passing through the window guard and getting into the bathroom somehow. I will write on that in another blog later.

Anyway, I just stumbled onto this article – 20 Tech Habits to Improve Your Life.

It explains the useful DIYs and software that will help you make your life better. I’ve been learning these things by browsing all the websites and blogs for a long time. But you can get them all in a single webblog! It summarizes them very well with all the popular website URL links. Some of them are

  • Software keyboard launcher (For example, Launchy)
  • Stay on Task With the Right To-Do List (Remember the milk)
  • Use Your Camera Phone as Your Digital Photographic Memory
  • Consolidate Multiple E-Mail Addresses With Gmail : You can also send email from GMAIL with different ‘from’ email address.
  • Never Forget a Password Again:( KeepPass)
  • Encrypt Your Private Files (TrueCrypt – in my USB thumb drive I put the encrypted data file )

Also, I learned a nice tip today from this site that you can get money back from the Amazon.com if the price is lowered within a month after you purchase a product! And there is a nice little web site that automatically watches the price list and alerts you when the price goes down. (NukePrice.com)

20 Tech Habits to Improve Your Life.

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WordPress blog hacked with admin-ajax.php vulnerability

I just upgraded my old (don’t even know what the old version was) WordPress to the latest 2.5.1 because somebody hacked into my site and added bunch of hyper links in my latest post. And it was very clever that the hyperlinks are not shown in the browser since the position of the div is out of screen. But probably search engines will see the links and increase the pagerank or simliar action could have been done I guess.

Anyway, the migration was very easy except that I had to redefine the tag keywords from the old UTW (Ultimate Tag Warrior 3) to the WordPress.

I guess my blog was attacked by this admin-ajax.php vulnerability. They say that a hacker can run the SQL query through admin-ajax.php.

Here are some of the blogs explaining the vulnerability.

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