Trackball mouse

Since this spring, I started to feel minor pain in my right hand wrist and shoulder. It may be a beginning stage symtoms of Capal Tunnel Syndrom. (

I know that I use too many softwares at work so I have to move the mouse a lot. To prevent the worse development of the pain, I decided to use Trackball mouse.

In fact there are lots of orgonomic mouse , but they are much expensive than regular mouse! But, Logitech’s Trackball is reasonable $30 (including shipping from online store)

This is the first time that I am using Trackball. So it feels kinda awkward yet.
But I really hope that this one helps me to relieve the pain.

I still somehow look for a better alternative since it feels strange for now.

Here is Link for Logitech Trackman Wheel Mouse and this is the cordless one

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