Outlook : Search Folder Name & Remove Duplicated Emails

Outlook : Search Folder Name & Remove Duplicated Emails
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At work, I spend much of the time reading Emails using Outlook. And I try to keep a clean Inbox, moving emails various folders. But now that I have more than 500 folders, it gets confusing and taking more time to find the correct folder to categorize the email.

So I looked everywhere for the Outlook Add-in that I can search the folder name, but I couldn’t. I almost gave up but then I learned that there is Outlook Programming Interface and with little C# experience in the past, I decided to come up just for me. 🙂

And after lots of headache and Internet surfing, I developed this utility ‘Hana Outlook Folder Search’ (HOFS). Basically you can type in any letters of the folder name that you can vaguely remember and it will show all the folders that contain the letters.

And I decided to take one step further and implemented Duplicate Email Removal function. I do receive lots of duplicated emails since I use group email at work, and I always didn’t like opening emails and realizing they are duplicated. So HOFS can automatically remove the duplicated emails or I can run the removal task on any email folder manually.

But since it was made using C#, you need Dot Net 2.0 installed prior running the setup file. Please try and let me know what you think.


  • OS: Windows XP, Maybe Vista (Not sure about Vista 64)
  • Dot Net 2.0 must be already installed.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007 ( May not work with the previous versions).

Link: http://www.neox.net/outlook

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