ToDoList by AbstractSpoon

ToDoList by AbstractSpoon
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todolist by AbstractSpoon

Must be the best TODOLIST software there is (at least among the Freewares).

It provides almost all attribute fields such as start , due , end date, priority, time spent, category, status, and more to maintain daily jobs or large project easily.

Also, it provides Import and Export interface that you can move around your data easily between other spreadsheet applications or as a HTML page.

It is portable since you can start using it right away after unzip. You can copy the folder into your USB memory stick and bring it with you anywhere. Just make sure that you select to store data into an INI file instead of the registry when you start the app first time.

Another interesting function is that it supports multiple users through todolist file sharing and simple source control function. TO tell you the truth, I haven’t tried this function yet.

This may be more useful at your work instead of at home. But it’s worth to try it.

Also you may want to download Calendar plugin. It’s a DLL file that you can just copy into the same folder where ToDoList.exe is. After copying, restart the todolist.exe and access the Calendar plugin from the Tools menu.

Calendar Plugin in Action

One thought on “ToDoList by AbstractSpoon

  1. Hi – I have used abstract spoon’s todolist for a couple of years and although I drifted away from it from time to time (no good reason: mostly just to play with other task apps) I have always come back to it, and for good reasons: it just works! it lets you just work too! you don’t have to think about the app as it’s very natural; also it links easily with different formats spreadsheets & gantt software etc. Excellent and free!

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