Desktop Widget Comparison

Desktop Widget Comparison
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There are several similar products when it comes to Desktop Widgets. There are

  • Apple DashBoard
  • Microsoft Vista Gadget
  • Google Desktop Gadget
  • Yahoo Widget

Here is the article from Yahoo Widget Blog The Ever-Changing Widget Landscape with the comparison and the explanation between the different version of Widgets or similar products.

I agree with the blog in regards of Apple DashBoard and Vista Gadget that they are heavily depended on the OS. I can’t even try Dashboard and Vista Gadget cause I don’t have the OS (Mac OSX or Vista). With the current Windows XP, I have two options Google Gadget and Yahoo Widget anyway. But since Goolge Gadget is much less dynamic and intuitive, so my only option is Yahoo.

There are about 4000 widgets in yahoo widget gallery. That is just too many and I already wasted quite amount time browsing and testing one by one.

I hope that there is some featured articles or guides to introduce only few outstanding widgets everyweek or so.

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