My Favorite Yahoo Widgets

Widget in Action I have been using Yahoo widget ( for about a year now. At first, I found that many widgets are fun and eye-catching and placed them in my desktop. I liked Yahoo widgets.

But at certain point, I realized they consume too much memory that each widget took at least 4 or 5 MB of physical memory even if they weren’t doing anything important. So I decided to remove one by one. Most of them are not productive and taking up too much spaces anyway.

And there are only 3 widgets survived in my desktop as of now.

  • Simple Monitor :
    Shows CPU, Memory, Network bandwidth In/Out , IP Address, and Uptime information as a graph in a single rectangle area. Very neat. But beware, since it’s a monitoring widget, it consumes more system resources than other widgets.
  • WidescapeWeather:
    Shows five day forecasts, but you can minimize to view only today’s forecast.
  • Slickies:
    This is the best notepad that I have used. You can set it up so each note can be hidden to the 4 sides of the screen and appear only when you click on the note. That function is very useful so you don’t have to search for your notes again!

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