Best Freeware for Windows by LifeHacker is one of my favorite DIY website with articles on free softwares and great ideas to improve our lives.

This “Lifehacker Pack 2009: Our List of Essential Free Windows Downloads” article from features the important freewares that we need in our desktop PC.


From well known and ever popular Firefox – Web browser and Picasa – Image Tool, they mention about Everything – Desktop File Search Tool (Hana Sara Freeware Blog).

Some of my favorites are

However, the most interesting part is that they have a software package that includes all the softwares (except some license sensitive ones) that you can download. download the Lifehacker Pack bundle . Here is the explanation from the website.

To use it, download the Lifehacker Pack bundle, extract the two files from it into a folder or onto your desktop, and then run the InstallPad app; you’ll see our must-have list ready to download and install in a snap. You can un-check the apps you already have or don’t want, install apps individually, or mass install everything you’ve got checked with one click. We included everything in the InstallPad list except iTunes, Songbird, and the Mozy backup software; the former two because they’re somewhat of an either/or choice (at least in our list), and the latter because it requires a sign-up and registration to really install and use properly.

So enjoy!

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Free Quality PSD PhotoShop template files Link Collection

I usually talk about freewares but I am very interested free graphics and icons. There are lots of places that you can put those into good use.

Here are some very fancy PSD and Vector links collection. Enjoy.


110 Ultimate Round-Up of Free Photoshop PSD Files and Resources
This is a very special site introducing PSD files for the popular items such as Iphone, PlayStation3, XBOX360, Some nice sports cars, cellphones, LCD monitors.

Weather Graphic Set
PSD source for weather icons

10 Places to Find Absolutely Free Vector Graphics
10 Websites for free vector images.

30 amazing free PSDs hand-picked from deviantart
30 PSD source files from deviantArt

Design Resource | 30+ Free Quality PSD Files to Download
Another great collection of quality PSD files (Somewhat duplicate items from

Free Vector Download
Free Vector Graphics Download Website.

Fabulosas gotas en PSD
PSD source file for the water drops.
Loyalty Free Button Icons PSD files.

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